Thursday, May 24, 2012

Meredith, NY


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I've begun working on a project about the farmers that supply the NYC greenmarkets. I've only just scratched the surface but I've already met some of the most lovely people. Ingie and Tema Kjarval, (photos 2 and 3) of Spring Lake Farm raise pastured pork and beef (4) and sell it at markets all over the city. Anna Janiszewsk's dad, John, (5) raises tilapia in a giant tank and filters the water through the plants in the greenhouse and back into the tank. Dr. Ken Jaffe of Slope Farms (7) raises beef and is doing amazing research on the overuse of antibiotics in livestock amongst other things.

It's amazing to see how these farmers create a space where livestock essentially feed themselves; they eat grass, they poop and fertilize the pasture, they move to another field, the grass grows back in the previous pasture and the cycle goes on.  It's a completely natural process compared to the big system of feedlot farms that use chemical fertilizers, antibiotics and tons of fuel. Plus, it all happens within a few hours of New York City. It makes sense to me that we should support the resources we have nearby and keep money flowing in a local market instead of buying meat and having no idea where it came from, whats in it or how it got here.