Monday, March 26, 2007

Little Richard is a funny guy

"Everybody's pimpin. Your dogs pimpin, your cats pimpin too."

Friday, March 23, 2007

Back in the game

Little Escuelitas daycare in downtown Austin is being smashed and torn down to the ground so a big Marriott can be put in its place. It's the only daycare in downtown AND the instructors only speak Spanish to the kids so they are all pretty much fully bilingual even if their parents dont know a lick of Spanish. There is a small window of opportunity when kids can learn languages super easy. They are also planning on tearning down Las Manitas and Tesoros. All three are owned and operated by local hispanic women. I hope they can fight the Marriott. Esta cosa terrible.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


This may be the first attempt at a story on consumerism/materialism and an overall look at women and shopping obsessions... hopefully more and better photos will be coming soon once I really get into it...

Monday, March 12, 2007


This semester I've made it through pneumonia and multiple colds/coughs/sicknesses and thought, "If I can only make it to spring break, then I'll be fine."

With 4 tests in less than 3 days, I quit sleeping. Then went to the doctor after the 4th test only to find out that I have and have had for an indeterminable amount of time- Mono. Ew.

Really, it all makes sense now. I knew there was something wrong when I had a low grade fever every day for 2 weeks. I should have taken a break a long time ago.

So now I'm under house arrest in Dallas with no camera, no school work, no laptop, NO CAMERA. I was shuffled out of my house in Austin in an intense pain/drug induced daze that has left me without anything to sate my boredom.

The point being: I've had lots of time to ponder life and the cosmos and to read random things on the internet. This being a photo blog, I leave you with some musings on the photographic life and its intricacies in place of a photo. Please excuse my use of quotations as I am not a words or punctuation person.

"The 'photograph' does not devise something. It is evidence itself of certainty. In the case of photographs, negating that a certain something was once there is not a possibility. The photograph is nothing other than something that relates that something was there. It can be said that 'there is no future for the "photograph"' and that 'The "photograph" is an image of insanity etching out a mirror of reality.'"

-Irisawa Yoshitoki

I like the last part. It leaves room for me to do whatever I want with photography and thats just what I want to do.

Friday, March 2, 2007

cut & style


By the end of a double overtime basketball game, my butt hurt, my thumb was purple and it was really time for UT to just win it already so we could all go home. Amongst other typical opponent action/reaction basketball photos this one stands out to me. I think its kind of funny. If I was in charge I'd run it in the paper.